Bed Rest Might not be Beneficial

In an Associated Press story on October 8, 1999, comes a report of research performed at the University of Queensland Medical School in Australia, which implies that practice of bed rest for health issues might not be beneficial.

The researchers reviewed all prior studies relating to the usefulness of bed rest in comparison to patients who had been up and active quicker. The studies involved 5,777 patients having 15 different health conditions. The results revealed that with many different health issues, in addition to following a number of medical procedures, including heart catheterization, getting out of bed sooner was much more beneficial than bed rest.

A few of the health issues that benefited from moving around more than bed rest included lower back pain, and elevated blood pressure in women that are pregnant.
Bed Rest Isn't the solution A lot of Conditions

In an October 1999 issue of the Lancet, a British medical journal, comes an account that could change what many people assumed is good home care for a lot of conditions. The article suggests that extented bed rest might not help and may even be damaging for many ailments. The opinions were, "Overall, there is no proof that bed rest offers any beneficial impact when used as a treatment method or when implemented after surgical treatment. It might actually hold up recovery and perhaps harm the patient." The study concluded that bed rest should not be used for conditions like acute low back pain, hepatitis, or for recovery after a heart attack. The study also recommended that women are better off walking around throughout the early stages of labor as compared to hours of lying down.

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