Delivery Trauma & Chiropractic

Science is now beginning to document something chiropractic specialists have already been seeing and warning about for a long time. For many years chiropractors have been warning people of the risk to newborns from the typical birth procedures used today. Birth is a natural occurrence which should 't be viewed or handled as a medical condition. However, in an attempt to "control" the birth process, several problems are created.

The most typical danger chiropractors have been warning about with regards to the delivery process would be the development of subluxations. Numerous articles and symposiums have relayed scientific proof of injury that happens to the nervous system in the neck of newborns during a typical process. This damage ranges from mild subluxations in the upper neck to more serious subluxations involving spinal cord injury and central nervous system complications.

Numerous authorities claim that the positioning of the mother in conjunction with the tugging from the delivering physician has a good deal to do with the creation of these subluxation related issues. When the mother is lying on her back, she's not just working partially against gravity but she has decreased the pelvic opening size. These two factors then require the physician to pull harder on the head of the child. This increased pulling and twisting during the birth process, along with a reduction in the pelvic opening and a non alignment with gravity frequently set the stage for birth trauma, subluxation and the resulting issues.

Health consequences to the baby from delivery trauma vary from immediate and severe, to concealed issues that might take years to come to light. A few of the more instant and tragic results that have been recorded are spinal cord and brain stem injuries, brain bleeding and swelling, neurological deficits, difficulty in breathing and even sudden infant death syndrome.

Experts are recommending that delivery be dealt with as a normal and natural process. Many experts suggest the birthing position preferred is in an upright position of either sitting or squatting. The less force used, the better. Chiropractors have been stressing for a long time the significance of having a newborn checked for vertebral subluxations. The importance of a developing child being free from nerve interference from subluxation can not be understated.

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