British Study Boasts Advantages of Chiropractic

A study released by the British, Medical Research Council (MRC) revealed that Chiropractic and exercise has been successful for patients experiencing lower back pain. The British study made use of the term spinal manipulation, (more properly called adjustments), that they noted is the main type of treatment done by chiropractors. The study, published in the November 19, 2004 edition of the British Medical Journal, reported that when coupled with a fitness program, these two present an efficient treatment for those struggling with back pain.

The trial study recruited over 1,300 patients from across the UK, whose back pain hadn't improved right after receiving what they called the most effective treatment in general medical practice. These patients were then compared and evaluated to evaluate the effectiveness of 3 various kinds of care.

The 3 types of treatment were:

* A class-based physical exercise program.
* Spinal manipulation
* A combined package of spinal manipulation accompanied by a program of exercise

The results indicated that all patients in the treatment groups documented increased back function and decreased pain over time. They observed that patients assigned to exercise classes along with general practice care noted a small advantage at 3 months but not at one year. Those assigned to spinal manipulation in addition to general practice care documented a small to moderate benefit at 3 months and a small benefit at one year. Still, the best improvement was discovered in the patients assigned to combined manipulation and exercise, along with general practice care.

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