Chiropractic Care for Children Receives More Press

Two newly released news articles feature chiropractic care for general wellness for children. One article from the August 28, 2003 Press & Sun Bulletin from Binghamton NY, begins by featuring 5-year-old Michael Smolinsky, as he gets his chiropractic adjustment. Michael's mother Joanne, mentioned that her son started seeing Dr. McAulliffe 3 years ago because, after nine months of chronic ear infections, she didn't know where to turn. All the pediatricians and ear, nose and throat doctors she took her son to could not figure out what was wrong and merely kept recommending medicine that didn't appear to help.

"It worried me," Joanne Smolinsky said. "How much medicine are you able to put into a 2-year-old child?" She then remembered that doctors recommended putting tubes in Michael's ears to drain excess fluids. The thought of putting her son under anesthesia scared her, and after speaking with her chiropractor she made a decision to give chiropractic a shot. Her physicians didn't support the idea, so she could not get a recommendation for insurance purposes. After getting chiropractic care every six weeks for 3 years, Michael has had only one ear infection in that time.

"People need to be devoted to fixing the root of the problem," said Dr. Reese, a chiropractor interviewed for the article. "This is not an alternative solution, but its own unique form of health care. Individuals need to have a chiropractor, much like they should have a doctor, a dentist or a mechanic."

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