Chiropractic Care For Infertility

The TV station KOLD-TV from Tucson Arizona, ran a feature on March 29, 2004 about infertility and the amazing success that chiropractic care offers for women with this particular problem. The story begins by saying, "Infertility. If you have not battled with it, then chances are you know someone who wants to become pregnant, but are unable to. Infertility impacts more than 6 million women and their partners across the nation. Now there is incredible new research that may crack the case and provide couples new hope."

In the story, they have the situation of a woman named Kaycee Mogel who had always imagined becoming a mother. She and her husband have attempted for a long time to conceive. She had tried using fertility drugs, but absolutely nothing worked. Then, she went to the chiropractor. She recollects "within a couple months, I was pregnant. Oh, we're truly excited."

It was mentioned that new studies have shown a potential link between spinal adjustments and increased fertility in some women. Dr. Madeline Behrendt, Kaycee's chiropractor said "it (chiropractic) lets couples who have been infertile or couples that are thinking about having a family, it provides them hope." Dr. Behrendt led a study, looking at 15 women who battled with infertility. Some for over a decade. Then, for a number of reasons, each visited the chiropractor. Of these women, 14 became pregnant and are now mothers. Dr. Behrendt says "the chiropractor identifies spinal distortions, which are called subluxations, and when these were discovered and adjusted, the fertility function improved."

Dr. Behrendt explained that there is a link between chiropractic care and fertility because the nerves to your reproductive system run through your spine. She says when the back is misaligned, the nerves misfire and cause a hormone imbalance, which can prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

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