Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

"Pregnancy Today" magazine identifies themselves as "the journal for parents to be". On June 13, 2004 they featured a story authored by Patti Larson a mother and author, about her experiences while expecting and the help she received with Chiropractic care. She started out the story by detailing the emotions she and her husband experienced when she discovered for sure she was pregnant.

As a woman in her mid-30s having her very first baby, she explained her concerns and questions by asking, "When will morning sickness start? How long will I be able to work? Will I make it through delivery with little pain and swearing?" She also mentioned that her diet and sleep routines were good, however although she had good intentions, her exercise routine was less than desirable.

She did however, point out the one thing she noticed as a big element in helping her. "What inevitably saved me from struggling undue tiredness, aches and stress from my ballooning physique and changing hormones was chiropractic care." She continued, "I already made frequent visits to my chiropractor before pregnancy, so it felt natural to continue. My chiropractor recommended I continue with weekly visits, adding that I should come in more often if I felt I needed it."

Dr. Jeff Ptak, her chiropractor in Santa Monica, Calif., explained why chiropractic care made such a beneficial difference, during her pregnancy. "Chiropractic care addresses the functioning nervous system," he said. "When the nervous system is not unduly stressed from environmental factors ? physical, emotional or chemical stress ? the body will work according to its unique genetic plan. A stressful birth will stress all parties involved and remain until the nervous system stress is cleared. Chiropractic, by allowing the body to handle stress, helps expecting mothers, new mothers and their newborn children handle life with greater ease."

Leslie Stewart, a certified nurse-midwife also agrees. "Chiropractic care can actually help with labor. Some women who run past their due date have used treatment to help start labor, rather than having a hospital induce them."

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