Driving Home the Benefits of Chiropractic

A story disseminated on January 8, 2003 from the Associated Press highlighted the advantages of chiropractic care for truckers. Drs. Paul Boris, and Andrew Giran offer an interesting chiropractic practice in a truck stop, helping people who cross the open road. The content starts by relating the tale of Erwin Daugherty, a 71 year old trucker from Quinlan, Texas. Daugherty regularly stops at the Smithton Travel Center, a truck stop about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh, not to get his 18 wheeler truck checked, but instead to get his spine checked. "I'd visit a chiropractor weekly if I could," Daugherty said.
"About the only method I get to visit a chiropractor is one which had truck parking," Daugherty said during a telephone interview Tuesday from Texas, where he was driving a load of automobile tires. "So when the chiropractors started putting offices near truck stops, it truly made it handy in my opinion." Daugherty found about nine chiropractors who operate at or near truck stops in Arizona, Missouri and Texas. "If I simply get lucky and locate one that's near to a truck stop, I'll place them in my cellular phone and say, "Hey, I'm on my way." Approximately 25 million Americans go to a chiropractor annually, according to the American Chiropractic Association. And a growing quantity of the country's 65,000 chiropractors decided to assist truckers, a group that actually needs their help. Truckers, who spend hours traveling and quite often do heavy-lifting, are probably the most serious individuals with spinal problems. The majority of the chiropractors that have offices at or close to the truck stops say that almost all the truckers they see also have chiropractors who take care of them when they're home. The truck-stop-doctors offer help even though the truckers are on the road.

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