January 30, 2017 My chiropractor suggested I try out the Halo Core to help with building the muscles in my neck and balance issues that I have had since having a stroke in 2011. I started using it the early part of January. I have been wearing twice a day for approximately 5-10 minutes each time. I just do normal activities such as walking from the kitchen to the living room or fixing a drink. In about 3-5 days I started noticing my neck pain was decreasing. My neck feels much stronger and more stable. After 3 weeks I could tell that I was not feeling as unbalanced while I was walking or standing. I have started going back to the gym now that I feel better and I can tell a difference in my balance. When I walked on the treadmill I didn’t have to hold on like I have in the past. I think the Halo Core is helping since that is the only thing I have done differently. Johnnie B.